Once Upon A Time

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When a group of kids are thrown together on an adventure that will see them journey through places you wouldn’t believe were real, will friendship and bravery win out? Will battling evil spells, wicked deeds and the darkest of hearts prove that growing-up requires more than just courage? When five friends are taken from The Grimm Orphanage for Lost Children by a mysterious stranger known as The White Rabbit, a sequence of fast-paced events takes our heroes through four lands filled with magic, enchantment, and wonder! Facing a threat like none they have known before, will our band of adventurers defeat the Darkness? Stranger yet, when will each of our heroes realise that they each harbour a secret that they themselves do not fully comprehend?
Filled with a cast of beloved characters and well-known songs from hit shows, join us for Once Upon A Time, a new telling of a tale as old as time!


Venue : Stag Theatre

Tickets : Adults £14.00, Children £12.00,Family £45.00



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