Stag Selected Events

Stag Selected Events is a variety of screenings including live broadcasts from Glyndebourne, the Royal Opera House and the National Theatre to foreign films and cult classics.

Showcasing a comprehensive selection of opera, Shakespearean and other drama from UK theatres and through strong films from around the world.

So come to the Stag; enjoy a drink, watch the show and please, let us know what you think.

Local Interest

APRIL 2017

Wed 26 Julius Caesar (RSC LIVE) 7pm

MAY 2017

Thu 4 Rosencrantz (NT Encore - 12A) 7pm

Wed 24 Antony & Cleopatra (RSC LIVE) 7pm

JUNE 2017

Thu 1 Obsession (NT Encore - 15) 7pm

Sun 4 Hokusai (British Museum - tbc) 4pm

Thu 8 La Traviata (Glyndebourne - tbc) 6pm

Thu 15 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe (NT Encore - 12A) 7pm

JULY 2017

Thu 6 Hamlet (Glyndebourne - 12A) 6pm

Sat 8 Peter Pan (NT Live - PG) 11:30am

Fri 13 Salomé (NT Encore - 15) 7pm


Thu 3 La Clemenza di Tito (Glyndebourne - 12A) 6pm

Wed 9 Titus Andronicus (RSC Live - 12A) 7pm

Thu 10 Angels in America Part 1 (NT Encore - 15) 6.30pm

Thu 17 Angels in America Part 2 (NT Encore - 15) 6.30pm


Thu 14 Yerma (NT Encore - 15) 7pm


Wed 11 Coriolanus (RSC Live - 12A) 7pm


Wed 14 Twelfth Night (RSC Live - 12A) 7pm



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